Webswing is a web server that allows to run any swing application inside your web browser using only pure HTML5.

The best days of swing framework are gone. Desktop applications lost popularity and everything is forced to be online and mobile. But what about existing application? Using applet technology proved to be insecure, rewriting the application to web technology is too expensive. This is where Webswing can help you. With Webswing, your application is securely running on server and user’s browser only displays the application window. All this without changing single line of source code.

License Open Source
HomePage http://webswing.org


This library allows to generate automatically the GUI (general user interface) of any Java object.

The generation of the GUI requires no other information that the object itself. Its structure is discovered at runtime through Java reflection.

The genrated GUI can be customized in a non-intrusive way by overriding some key methods of the generator objects.

License Open Source
HomePage https://javacollection.net/reflectionui